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Interested in taking part in research surveys? Before products and services are launched into the marketplace they sometimes go through a crucial research phase. This is where you can get involved.

ThinkBox is a research recruitment business. We are looking for all types of people who are willing to take part in focus groups, interviews, answer questionnaires etc. All you are required to do is give your honest opinion. The research takes place at designated research facilities in the Cape Town or Joburg area and there are financial incentives for taking part.

Becoming a member of ThinkBox database is easy and free.

How it works?

- Sign up to the ThinkBox database - quick and easy online sign-up.

- ThinkBox will then contact you from time to time to see if you are available to take part in specific research focus groups, interviews etc. We will not phone you at work, late at night or hassle you when you are busy. A simple email will be sent with all the necessary details.

- We then wait for you to confirm your availability and sign you up if you can make it.

- Once you have taken part in the research, usually 1-3 hours, you will be given a financial incentive for taking part.

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Focus Group Sign up
Focus Group Sign up